Katran Headlamp W/B 460 PRO (Night Fishing)

Katran Headlamp W/B 460 PRO (Night Fishing)
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The headlamp is specially designed for carp fishing at night, used together with Katran fishing lines. The body is made of lightweight aluminium alloy with two independent white and blue LEDs. The key to this headlamp is a special blue light diode that creates a unique luminescent effect. This effect boosts the line glow, turning the semi-transparent Katran line of the Crypton series, Synapse Neon and Eclipse into highly visible.

The colour of line becomes bright offering super clear visibility at night. We can guarantee such an effect, but only with Katran lines. The headlamp is equipped with a strong magnet, fix easily the headlamp on numerous surfaces.The flashlight uses a blue diode with a wavelength of 460 nano meters. This is not ultraviolet light and, therefore, safe for human eyes and skin.

Enabling and switching modes:

The power button is located on the side of the headlamp; it can be placed on the right or left, as you prefer. Each brightness mode has a memory function, which saves the last mode when you turn off the headlamp. When the headlamp is turned on again, it continues working in same mode. Switching on and changing modes is effected by brief pressure on the power button: to switch off the headlamp keep pressing the power button. The button is recessed to prevent the flashlight being accidentally turned on when being transported.

Battery status indicator & charging:

The innovative battery status indicator will be always on, while the headlamp switched on, showing the approximate % of charge left. (100-60%) (60-30%) (30-10%).

The headlamp is equipped with 18650 battery and a built-in charger. The special indicator will notify you about the status of charging. Do not remove the battery: just unscrew the cover (power button) and use a USB TYPE-C cable to connect the charging port to any power source, including power banks.

The headlamp will work while charging from a power bank. When the battery is fully charged a special indicator near the charging port changes from red to green.


  • Battery status indicator. It will remain on, while the headlamp is switched on, showing the approximate % of charge left.
  • USB Type-C. The new headlamp joined the latest EU charging standards. Plug in easily and charge fast! Qualitative USC - C cable is also included.
  • Katran branded battery. The newest, improved quality branded battery 18650 of 3400 mAh up to 56 hours ( 2.5 days) of continuous runtime.
  • New modes of BLUE and WHITE. 2 extra modes added. White light at 10% from maximum & Blue light at 25% for maximum run time.
  • Energy effectiveness. Innovative energy-effective LEDs, built-in redesigned headlamp body with extra cooling surface.
  • IP-67. Improved waterproof protection (IP - 67) up to 30 minutes under the water (maximum deep is 1.5 m)
  • Improved focusing. Improved light focusing (angle 90-100) to reach even higher distances.
  • Strong magnet. Magnet feature, fix the headlamp on numerous of magnet surfaces.
  • Luminescent headstap. It reflects the light, so you can easily see your teammate at night even if his headlamp is switched off.
  • Extra rubber seals. Extra rubber seals included, improved box and inner accessorize storage for safer transportation.

Package includes:

  • Headlamp
  • Oxford fabric case
  • Battery Katran 3400mAh
  • USB - Type C cable for charging
  • Internal magnet
  • User manual guarantee card

Important first use guide:

1.Please unscrew the cap and remove the plastic protector between headlamp and battery. Please DO NOT charge the headlamp, before removing the plastic protector.

2.Always insert the battery as shown in photo gallery "-" pole should be positioned near the cap, you unscrew.

Main technical information:

Lumens (LM)6003001507530015050
Runtime (h)714285671436
  • Battery capacity: KATRAN 18650 3400 mAh
  • Waterproof: IP67 Protected against complete temporary water submersion
  • Impact resistance (m): Drop protection up to 1.5m high
  • Flashlight weight: Weight of headlamp 53g. Full weight with battery is 124g.

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