Preston Innovations ICS In-Line Pellet Feeder

Preston Innovations ICS In-Line Pellet Feeder
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Available in three body sizes, the ICS In-line Pellet feeders are perfect for introducing small pellets and particles into your swim. Use in conjunction with a short 10cm hooklength for maximum effectiveness. The plastic and lead combination allows the feeder to be cast accurately but more importantly, means that the feeder always lands the correct way up.

The ICS system allows you to quickly and easily change feeder throughout your session, simply slide the tail rubber off the stem, slide the feeder up on to the line, remove via the groove on the feeder and then replace with alternative ICS product.


  • Perfect for small pellets and particles
  • As part of the ’Interchange System’
  • Allow to alternate feeder sizes without disassembling the entire rig

Available models:

  • Small - 20g, 30g
  • Medium - 20g, 30g, 45g
  • Large - 30g, 45g

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